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One thing all New Yorkers are familiar with is a construction site. Every day you walk under scaffolding on at least one block during your morning commute to work. There is always a new building going up or an old one under renovation.

Construction accidents are a common occurrence. You hear about workers falling down holes, sustaining injuries from heavy equipment, or being hit by falling objects. The truth is, construction workers are not the only ones in danger on or near construction sites. You are at risk as well every time you walk under that scaffolding.

What happens if you get hurt due to another's negligence? You cannot claim workers' compensation like the workers can. Fortunately, you can file an insurance claim against the company that was responsible for the accident. A local New York attorney can help you through the claims process so that you can try to recoup the damages you suffered. Read further for an overview of filing an insurance claim after an accident.

The difference between first party and third party claims

When filing an insurance claim, it is important to understand what type of claim you are filing. The two types of insurance claims that people file are first party and third party. A first party claim is one you file with your own insurance company. For example, if you are in a car accident with another car that flees the scene, you will have to file with your insurance provider since you cannot file with the other driver's insurance carrier.

A third party insurance claim is one that you file with the carrier of another person or business. If, in the above example, the driver had not fled and you filed your claim for damages with his insurance provider, this would be a third party claim. Most policies include coverage for third parties, such as yourself, that are injured due to another's actions. Therefore, if you suffered an injury on or near a construction site, due to the company's negligence, you will file a third party insurance claim.

The claims process

In general, you have 24 hours to report your injury to the insurance company. You should also contact the owner of the construction company and possibly the owner of the property where the injury occurred and inform them of the accident. You will more than likely have to provide a detailed account of the circumstances and the full extent of your injuries.

The insurance company will investigate your claim. This may involve you taking pictures of the accident scene and providing statements and contact information from witnesses. The insurance company might also ask you to submit to an additional medical examination by an independent doctor. An insurance adjuster may inspect the area where the accident occurred.

After the investigation is complete, the insurance company will either offer you a settlement or deny your claim. If the insurer denies your claim, you have the right to appeal it.

If you or a loved one has been hurt due to the negligence of a construction company, it is important to understand your rights and options when filing a third party claim.

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