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Plan semitruck crash injury cases carefully

Semitruck crashes can lead to devastation. A large semitruck moving at highway speeds is like a deadly weapon. When one of these large trucks becomes uncontrollable, accidents might occur. A small personal vehicle that is smashed by a semitruck likely won't provide too much protection for the occupants. We understand how much the accident might impact your life and the life of each family member who counts on you.

Seat belts can lead to injuries in crashes

Almost everyone has heard about the importance of wearing a seat belt when you are in a moving vehicle. This is important since it can help to prevent you from being thrown from the vehicle if you are in a crash. There is one consideration that some people overlook -- the potential danger of injuries caused by the seat belt.

3 reasons lead paint is a risk to your children

Lead paint is a poison. Exposure to lead paint leads to several different health concerns. For instance, lead poisoning can lead to irritability or a loss of appetite. In more serious cases, it has the potential to cause developmental delays in children. It has the potential to cause seizures. Women who ingest or are exposed to lead before giving birth have a risk of giving birth prematurely, giving birth to a child with a low birth weight or having a baby with slower growth than normal.

What should I know about parking lot injuries?

When you are injured in a parking lot, there are a lot of things that might go through your mind. Obviously, some of the first thoughts you might have are to get medical care for the injuries you suffered. This is especially important when you are seriously injured. Once you have gotten the medical care you need, you might wonder if you have any legal options for seeking compensation for your injuries. In many cases, you do.

Not a construction worker? You're still in danger

One thing all New Yorkers are familiar with is a construction site. Every day you walk under scaffolding on at least one block during your morning commute to work. There is always a new building going up or an old one under renovation.

Know the points to raise in a car defect claim

We recently discussed how some Ford vehicles have exhaust issues. This is a very serious issue that can cause a lot of health problems for the people who are in these vehicles. We know that people who drive these vehicles might wonder if they need to take action. If you have a Ford, or any vehicle, that has an exhaust issue that was due to a manufacturer's error, you can take action.

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