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Using a power saw makes it much easier to get projects done. However, that convenience carries a price. Power saws are fairly dangerous. If you are using one, you must make sure that you are implementing proper safety precautions and protocols. If you don't, you might get injured. You can also wind up injured if any component of the power saw is defective.

What kinds of injuries are possible?

Many power saw injuries affect the hands and fingers. The exact location of the injuries and their severity depend upon a host of factors, including the kerf, force, blade type and material. Some injuries may only be skin-deep. Other injuries might impact the underlying structures. Amputations are also possible in some cases.

How can I prevent power saw injuries?

The most important thing you can do is to use the saw as stated in the instructions. Beyond that, you can wear protective gear, ensure the blade is properly installed and remain focused on your work. You should also make sure that the blade guard is fitted properly and in good condition. If the saw malfunctions or stalls, unplug it and try to free it or correct the issue before restarting it.

Most power saw injuries require medical care. This can include stitches, surgery or simple bandages. If you were injured by a saw that was defective, or if you were hurt while using the saw as intended, you might have a claim for compensation. In this case, you could possibly file a third-party lawsuit instead of only filing for workers' compensation.

Source: American Society for Surgery of the Hand, "Power Saw Injuries," accessed Feb. 09, 2017

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