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Making sense of 31 construction worker deaths in NYC in 2 years

Although the construction industry has long been considered a dangerous one, in New York City, it's become a particularly deadly one. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports show that more than 31 construction workers have died due to accidents on construction sites in the past two years alone.

What should construction workers know about power saw injuries?

Using a power saw makes it much easier to get projects done. However, that convenience carries a price. Power saws are fairly dangerous. If you are using one, you must make sure that you are implementing proper safety precautions and protocols. If you don't, you might get injured. You can also wind up injured if any component of the power saw is defective.

Defective products can cause serious injuries

Dangerous products are a horror for the people who are harmed by them. Even when the product is something that is a bit dangerous, such as a power tool, you don't use it expecting that you will be harmed by the product. When the cause of the issue is a manufacturer's issue, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries that you suffered.

Undocumented workers can seek fair compensation after an injury

When a construction site accident or other kind of workplace accident occurs, undocumented workers may be led to believe that they should not report the injury. This is unfair treatment and no one should have tolerate it.

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