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Car crashes are some of the most horrific events that some people will face in the course of their life. The initial shock of the crash, the pain of the injuries and the thought of having to deal with the property loss might be hard to handle. In these times, it is important that you know what you need to do and that you are prepared to take care of business.

Before you worry about taking notes, make sure that you are in a safe location. Once you know that you are in a place where you can safely write down what happened, jot down the thoughts about the motor vehicle crash that make the most impression upon you. From there, you can write down the play-by-play so that you have a comprehensive account of what happened.

As you go through the process for medical care, write down what you are told. This should include what you are diagnosed with and what treatments you are having to undergo. Write down the cost of all medical care that you encounter.

Throughout the course of you dealing with the medical care, insurance aspects and other points of the accident, you will have to speak to various people. Make note of the date and time of each conversation. Note the person's name and what was discussed. This journal can help you to ensure that you have an accurate recount of everything was said.

All of the notes that you make should be discussed with your lawyer when you are going through the process of seeking compensation. You never know what points will end up being very important in your case.

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