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Almost everyone knows how dangerous the construction industry is, but some people might not fully realize how much of an effort it takes for workers to remain safe. Construction workers deal with life or death decisions on a daily basis. Think about how much they need to focus when they are walking a few stories above ground. Think about how much focus it takes to operate a large crane or even power tools.

It is imperative that construction workers have the tools they need to remain safe. This includes having a way to use equipment safely. For example, using a power nail gun for hours on end. Using an incorrect hold could lead to problems with the wrist, finger or arm. Using a jackhammer incorrectly could lead to shoulder or back troubles. Of course, any malfunctioning equipment could cause serious injuries. Those injuries might be worse if they weren't using the equipment properly in the first place.

Construction workers also need to protect their ears. The machinery used at these sites is often loud, which can damage the ears. Even if the noise is fairly light for a construction zone, prolonged exposure can cause problems. Unexpected explosions, such as what could occur if a piece of large equipment malfunctions, are another issue that can lead to hearing loss.

Another issue that plagues many construction workers is a back injury. This can be minimized by using proper lifting techniques and sitting or stooping when working close to the ground. Try to avoid having to bend over for hours on end.

Even your trusty tool belt is something to think about. If you weigh down one side heavier than the other, you will throw your posture off. This could also lead to back troubles.

If you took appropriate steps to avoid an injury and find that you have gotten hurt at work anyway, you might decide to take action. This might be through a third-party claim if the issue was with the equipment, such as if the injury was caused by a defective power tool or malfunctioning piece of equipment.

Source: Safety Services Company, "5 Safety Tips for Construction Workers on Avoiding Stress and Injury," George Davis, accessed Jan. 27, 2017

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