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Construction zone hazards range from minor to life-threatening

Almost everyone knows how dangerous the construction industry is, but some people might not fully realize how much of an effort it takes for workers to remain safe. Construction workers deal with life or death decisions on a daily basis. Think about how much they need to focus when they are walking a few stories above ground. Think about how much focus it takes to operate a large crane or even power tools.

Construction safety advocates want safer NYC job sites

Construction safety advocates want new regulations to make building projects safer. Local officials, hardhats and other citizens of New York City carried out a special demonstration last week in which they rallied to support the passage of the Construction Safety Act.

Roof gives way, Bobcat plummets 30 feet, 5 injured

Construction workers in New York often have to work on areas above street level. Each time that a construction worker works from any height above the ground, special considerations must be taken to ensure that everyone in the area can remain safe. It is important to note that there are some places that construction workers have to work that might appear to be sturdy, but aren't.

Upcoming proposal could add more construction safety regulations

Construction worker safety is something that is always a top concern. In the past two years, there have been many deaths in construction work areas. One figure sets the fatality rate at 30 worker deaths, but another figure sets the toll at 24 deaths, which include workers and bystanders.

The Risks Of Riding In A Stretch Limo Are Exposed

An important Editorial published in the New York Times reveals that Stretch Limousines are not required to be equipped with some of the most basic safety components that are required in all other passenger vehicles. The side-panel airbags, the lap-and-shoulder seatbelts; and the rollover pillars, which protect lives, are exempted. What makes this more tragic is the frequency with which young adults inhabit these unsafe vehicles. We are drawn to limousines because of the aura of celebrity and privilege associated with them . The article chronicles one particular heart wrenching fatal episode that occurred in Long Island, New York The writing is both informative and instructive. It can be accessed through the provided link.

Jot down notes after a car crash

Car crashes are some of the most horrific events that some people will face in the course of their life. The initial shock of the crash, the pain of the injuries and the thought of having to deal with the property loss might be hard to handle. In these times, it is important that you know what you need to do and that you are prepared to take care of business.

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