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Semitruck accidents are often very serious and can lead to catastrophic injuries or death. The victims of accidents that are caused by truckers often decide that they are going to take legal action. This can be a complicated undertaking because of the many facets of these cases.

One of these facets is determining the cause of the accident. In some semitruck crash cases, the cause is trucker fatigue. There are many different factors that can contribute to fatigue, as it isn't always associated with lack of sleep. When you are building your case for compensation, the more you can dig into the cause of the fatigue, the better.

Fatigue is sometimes caused by a driver trying to push him- or herself to meet unrealistic deadlines. In some instances, it might be possible to include the trucking company in the lawsuit if the company's policies may have played a part in the accident.

Truckers can also become fatigued when they drive on roads that are very familiar to them or they have to drive in less-than-ideal conditions, e.g., driving in the rain or snow. The cabin of the truck being stuffy or medical conditions like sleep apnea can also lead to truckers being too tired to drive.

While you are looking into the cause of the accident, examine how much work -- driving or non-driving -- the trucker did in the shift on which the accident occurred. Then compare that amount to work accomplished in the week prior. This could shed light on whether the trucker was in compliance with Hours of Service regulations or not. If not, this is something that could be included in the claim for compensation.

Source: Stop Unsafe Trucks, "Accidents & Fatigue," accessed Dec. 02, 2016

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