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Construction workers play a vital role in keeping New York up to par. Without these men and women, the buildings and roadways would crumple. We wouldn't be able to continue enjoying the benefits of living in this bustling city.

As construction workers do their jobs, they are facing some very real risks. These risks come with the territory, but this doesn't mean that these workers shouldn't have any protections from the dangers. In fact, we discussed how safety in the construction industry doesn't seem to be improving at all. This is a problem.

If you are a construction worker who was injured on the job, you have certain rights. You have the right to seek workers' compensation. If the accident was because of a defective product, you might have a claim for compensation from a third party.

We know that you might not be aware of how to seek the compensation that you deserve. We are here to help you find out the options that you have. Typically, you would rely on workers' compensation unless you have a third-party claim.

When it comes to filing a third-party claim, there are several variables that we must consider. One of these is showing exactly what happened that led to the accident. If the product was defective, we need to show how it was defective, what could have been done to prevent the accident and how your injuries are tied to the defect. We also need to prove your damages. While this might seem complicated, it isn't all that complex. We can handle these matters for you while you focus on healing from the accident.

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