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November 2016 Archives

Know what points pertain to your product liability claim

Product liability cases are often very difficult to build because of the elements that are required. This is especially true if the issue at hand isn't something that is widespread. We know that when you are dealing with an injury, you might not feel up to trying to jump through a bunch of legal hoops. That's where we come in -- we will handle the legal work so that you can focus on your healing.

What should I know about product liability cases?

The goods that are sold in this country are expected to be safe when they are used in the manner for which they are intended. When products are dangerous or defective, users can be injured. Those incidents can lead to product liability lawsuits. When these lawsuits are filed, they are based on specific laws that are meant to protect consumers.

Are union construction jobs safer in New York City?

Labor groups and politicians are asking a lot of questions surrounding the safety of construction jobs in New York City -- particularly the safety of union jobs. Officials want to know if the recent spike in construction job-related deaths and injuries relates more to nonunion jobs or union jobs. They want to determine if workers are safer when they are unionized.

Children's curiosity can lead them to harm

Parents have to keep a close eye on children, especially during those early years when the children are curious about everything under the sun. While it is easy to assume that the parents should never let the child out of their sight, there are sometimes cases in which the child will slip out of the view of even the most watchful parent. In those cases, there is a chance that the child's natural curiosity will lead them to harm.

Understand how to piece together your case

In our last post, we discussed the devastation that occurs when a driver decides to get behind the wheel after he or she has been drinking. The really sad thing about these accidents is that they could have been prevented if the person had simply used a cab or called a friend to come pick him or her up.

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