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When a company produces a food item and sells it to a consumer, that company has an obligation to the consumer. The company is responsible for producing a product that is free of harmful contaminants. When a citizen of the state of New York purchases a food item, he or she is typically concerned about nutrition and taste rather than product liability issues.

If it becomes known that a product has been contaminated, a conscientious company will immediately announce a recall and attempt to inform the public of the problem. Recently, Blue Bell Creameries announced a voluntary recall for two of its ice cream flavors. Apparently, an ingredient in the ice cream carries with it concerns regarding listeria contamination.

Although the ingredient was produced by a third party, Blue Bell Creameries is the one that uses it in the final consumer product. Working with the FDA, the company decided that because there were concerns that the product was contaminated, the prudent thing to do was to announce the recall. Purchasers were asked return the product for a refund to the place where it was purchased.

Contaminated food products have been the source of numerous news articles over the past few years. This issue has cost the companies involved both dollars and customers. However, to the consumer affected by a contaminated food product, the cost could be potentially greater.

New York residents who have been affected by product liability issues such as a contaminated food product will want to review their legal options. In the event that the product caused the consumer to become ill, there are most likely medical bills and other financial as well as health-related concerns to consider. After careful review, an appropriate course of action can be established.

Source: USA Today, "Blue Bell ice cream issues recall over listeria concerns", Sept. 21, 2016

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