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In health care, rendering an accurate diagnosis is necessary for everything from requesting the correct tests to providing the correct treatments and medications. When New York patients are diagnosed with a disease they do not have, they can ultimately suffer further long-term harm that can sometimes be irreversible. Two out-of-state women who suffered after being given the wrong diagnoses filed medical malpractice suits against the doctor who cared for them.

According to their suits, the doctor they were seeing ordered MRI tests, which were then completed by his own company. Upon completion of the exams, they were separately diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. MS is a debilitating, lifelong disease, which both of the women began to undergo treatment for. This continued for up to seven years until the doctor sold off his practice and stopped seeing his patients.

When the women sought treatment elsewhere, they were told that they did not actually have MS. When confronted with the claim that he had misdiagnosed and mistreated at least two of his patients, the doctor simply said that MS can be difficult to diagnose correctly. He also said that he followed a treatment plan that he generally recommended for early MS sufferers. However, since neither of the women actually had MS, it is unclear how that course of treatment might have negatively affected them.

Both women suffered significant emotional trauma from their wrong diagnoses and the associated treatments. This type of negligent health care can also cause serious physical harm from unnecessary medications. When medical malpractice causes patients in New York to needlessly suffer, they can seek compensation necessary for addressing medical bills and pain and suffering through the successful actions of medical malpractice suits.

Source: CBS Denver, "Doctor Accused Of Misdiagnosis Of MS Responds To Lawsuit", Aug. 31, 2016

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