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Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places for workers. Between heavy vehicles, scaffolding and construction equipment, workers face an untold number of hazardous situations while on the job. After construction accidents, New York workers often struggle with filing for and receiving compensation and other benefits, a process with which we are intimately familiar.

Without modern construction equipment, many current projects would be impossible to complete. While machinery and equipment is undeniably useful in a wide range of projects, it can also cause great harm. Most equipment requires regular maintenance in order to continue working safely and effectively. Failure to regularly maintain equipment can cause serious harm to workers.

Some of the most common types of accidents at construction sites come down to one thing -- gravity. Insecure scaffolding, a lack of safety equipment and falling objects are all incredibly dangerous. When a gravity-related accident occurs, construction workers tend to suffer severe injuries that require careful and ongoing medical care. This is especially true if victims suffer brain injuries, which can easily happen during a fall or when a worker is struck on the head.

Obtaining necessary compensation for injuries caused by construction accidents is unfortunately not as straightforward as most people believe it to be. We understand that New York victims need not only our careful guidance and legal expertise but that they often need our emotional support too. Our website has more information regarding construction accidents and how we can help obtain necessary damages for those who have been wrongly injured.

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