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Jury awards over $1.7 in premises liability slip and fall case

Retail stores have a responsibility to provide a safe shopping environment for their customers. When a customer walks into a store in New York, he or she expects to be able to safely maneuver through the store, locate the desired items, complete the purchase and leave the store. If conditions within the store are such that a customer becomes injured, it is possible that the customer will have a legitimate premises liability claim.

Architect's death could be followed by premises liability claim

The owner of a New York City skyscraper could possibly be held liable for the death of an attending architect. Even when under construction, property must be reasonably safe with posted cautions for dangers that are not otherwise easily noted. When property owners fail to provide reasonably safe accommodations, they can be held responsible through the successful actions of a premises liability suit.

Women wrongly diagnosed with MS file medical malpractice suits

In health care, rendering an accurate diagnosis is necessary for everything from requesting the correct tests to providing the correct treatments and medications. When New York patients are diagnosed with a disease they do not have, they can ultimately suffer further long-term harm that can sometimes be irreversible. Two out-of-state women who suffered after being given the wrong diagnoses filed medical malpractice suits against the doctor who cared for them.

Victims of construction accidents need our guidance

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places for workers. Between heavy vehicles, scaffolding and construction equipment, workers face an untold number of hazardous situations while on the job. After construction accidents, New York workers often struggle with filing for and receiving compensation and other benefits, a process with which we are intimately familiar.

Defective toys could mean product liability suits for McDonald's

The popular fast-food chain McDonald's might have had New York children's well-being in mind when it decided to include a fitness tracker in its Happy Meals product, but the execution apparently did not hit the mark. The Step-It wristbands allegedly caused serious injuries to dozens of children and warranted a nationwide recall. Product liability suits could soon be on the horizon for McDonald's as parents of injured children take necessary action to achieve compensation.

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