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Once a staple of backyards, trampolines are moving out of the New York suburbs and into large buildings dubbed trampoline parks. These parks create an exciting draw for children and adults alike and there were 50 million visits over the past year in North America alone. However, there are increasing concerns that trampoline parks might be far less safe than previously imagined. As injuries suffered at these parks skyrocket, premises liability claims might be quick to follow.

The majority of trampoline parks consist of large trampolines connected to one another with walls that consist of either padding or additional trampolines. In 2010, there were less than 600 trampoline park injuries. By 2014, that number had shot up to nearly 7,000. Many of the injuries suffered at trampoline parks are similar to those suffered on backyard trampolines -- such as fractures and sprains -- but the injures from parks are far more likely to result in hospital admission.

Victims who are admitted to the hospital after visiting the emergency room for a trampoline park injury are usually those who require surgery. About 9 percent of all park-related injuries require a hospital admission, and the impact can be extremely painful. One 13-year-old boy suffered two broken bones in his arm after falling at a trampoline park, which led to surgery and the insertion of multiple pins.

Business owners have a responsibility to New York consumers to provide reasonably safe premises, but these efforts sometimes fall short. Failure to warn visitors of possible dangers and ignoring safety issues put individuals at serious risk for being permanently harmed. Premises liability suits are usually the most effective course of action for injured victims to recover compensation for their related damages.

Source: NPR, "As Trampoline Parks Jump In Popularity, So Do Injuries", Katherine Hobson, Aug. 1, 2016

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