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What might have been one of the best days of an out-of-state couple's lives turned tragic due to what they say was medical negligence. A medical malpractice suit filed by the parents recently yielded an award of $16 million for damages the mother suffered during labor. An easy labor and delivery might not be possible for all women in New York, but they should be able to expect that attending physicians will act with medical integrity throughout the process.

Pregnant with the couple's fourth child, the mother decided to switch the location of delivery from the hospital where her older three had been born. Instead, she decided to deliver at a different hospital that boasted natural childbirth options and even the opportunity for a water birth. In her suit, she claimed that was far from what she received.

Instead of being permitted to labor in a position that was comfortable to her -- on her knees and hands -- she says that she was made to lay down flat. At one point, she was apparently physically restrained, and her suit even included allegations that a nurse had delayed her child's delivery by applying pressure to its head. While the baby was uninjured, the same could not be said for the mother. She suffered serious nerve damage during the labor and was ultimately diagnosed as suffering from Pudendal Neuralgia. She now deals with constant pain as a result.

The medical malpractice claim ultimately went to a jury trial, where the couple was awarded millions in damages. This type of compensation is often vital to victims of medical negligence in New York. Not only can the legal recourse be applied to related and ongoing medical care and bills, but it can also help victims cope with the long-lasting physical and emotional impacts.

Source:, "Couple awarded $16 million against Brookwood Medical Center", Lydia Hu, Aug. 7, 2016

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