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In the period between 1990 and 2010, the percentage of children who suffered traumatic brain injuries or concussions resulting from stroller or baby carrier accidents increased from less than 20 percent to 42 percent for stroller accidents and 53 percent for children in baby carriers. This increase was noted in a report in the journal Academic Pediatrics and cited recently in the New York Times.
Why Has The Number Of Brain Injuries In Stroller And Baby Carrier Accidents Increased So Much?

During this time period, there have been continuing improvements to the safety of the equipment that holds and protects our children. How then has there been such a marked increase in the percentage of brain and head injuries?

Doctors May Be More Vigilant For Brain Injuries

One of the possibilities is the fact that doctors may simply now be more aware of and on guard for brain injuries in young children. In recent years, there has been a serious heightening of awareness around the possibility of brain damage for service members coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as for professional athletes such as football players.

This raising of awareness regarding brain injuries and concussions has made this an issue of common concern. Perhaps, in addition to more doctors testing for these types of injuries, more parents may be raising questions about the possibility of a brain injury when their children are injured in a stroller or baby carrier accident.

What Can Be Done To Protect A Child From Brain Injuries?

Strollers and baby carriers need to be used thoughtfully. The majority of injuries happen to very young children who fall out of their strollers and baby carriers, often landing on their heads or faces. Some simple steps that can help prevent children from being injured include:

  • Ensure the child is properly strapped into the stroller or baby carrier
  • Do not hang bags or other heavy objects off a stroller as they may cause tipping
  • Do not leave the child unattended in a stroller or baby carrier

Hopefully the trend in increases in brain injuries and concussions resulting from stroller and baby carrier accidents will eventually be determined to be the result of parents and doctors being more cautious when accidents do occur. 

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