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A group of tourists recently saw a side of New York they probably were not anticipating -- the hospital. Car accidents might not have been on the tour bus itinerary, but reckless drivers can create unsafe conditions in which collisions are unavoidable. Although it is not entirely clear what caused the tour bus to crash, witnesses have speculated that it was likely due to traffic.

A total of 15 passengers were aboard the double-decker bus at the time of the accident. The tourists who were seated on the top deck toward the back reported that they were not able to see what was going on in the road in front of the bus, and were thus caught off guard when it suddenly left the roadway and struck a tree. Some of the tourists reported that they fell over other seats while others were forced into the seats in front of them.

Police have not listed an official cause for the wreck, but witnesses are still trying to fill in the blanks. One tourist believes that a taxicab might have cut off the tour bus, leaving the driver no choice but to swerve. A nearby witness claims that the driver might not have been paying attention, as he witnessed the bus suddenly swerve in order to avoid striking a city bus.

In total, all 15 of the passengers suffered some type of injury and had to be transported to area hospitals. Two elderly tourists both wound up with head injuries. New York car accidents can leave victims with lifelong pain and suffering, costly medical bills and long-lasting emotional trauma. While nothing can undo the past, achieving compensation through the successful actions of a personal injury claim can allow victims to more readily address these damages.

Source: CBS New York, "Tour Bus Slams Into Upper East Side Tree Leaving 15 Injured", July 21, 2016

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