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A driver blamed for being under the influence while behind the wheel is a New York police officer who was off-duty at the time of the wreck. Pedestrians on the sidewalk tend to feel safe from car accidents and vehicles that are passing by on nearby roads, but because of irresponsible drivers,  this is sadly not always a reality. The alleged drunk driver recently left the roadway and plowed into a group of individuals on the sidewalk, resulting in at least one death.

Witnesses say they saw the vehicle veer off of the roadway, strike and then jump over the curb and then plow forward into a group of four people. The wreck originally occurred at shortly past 3 a.m. All four of the pedestrians suffered severe injuries and had to be rushed to an area hospital. At last update, two were still in serious condition while one other had died.

Immediately after the accident, the driver was spotted trying to flee the scene. After he was unable to do so, he apparently tried to leave the vehicle and then ultimately switched sides to the passenger seat. A witness who was filming the scene captured the driver showing him his police badge in an effort to stop him from recording anything else. The driver was later taken to the hospital where he was treated and then released for only minor injuries and has since been placed on suspension from work.

The driver is currently facing multiple criminal charges for his actions while off-duty, including manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, assault, DWI and other accusations. Most New York victims and their families understand the importance of criminal charges for obtaining justice and protecting other potential victims, but these are often not enough to address more personal damages. Compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents, unexpected funeral expenses and even pain and suffering can usually be achieved through successful wrongful death or personal injury claims, which can be helped along by evidence collected during criminal investigations.

Source:, "Off-duty officer charged with manslaughter after fatal DWI crash in Williamsburg", Myles Miller, Ellyn Marks and Andrea Cavallier, July 16, 2016

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