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Cranes are useful pieces of equipment that help construction crews complete a wide variety of tasks, but they can also be incredibly dangerous. A recent accident has some people in New York pushing for safety reforms that would hopefully lower the rate of injuries and deaths caused by cranes. Reducing the number of dangerous properties by enforcing new crane regulations could also lower the need for premises liability suits, which victims who have been injured on another person's property often utilize for compensation.

One man was killed and three others were injured when a crane that topped out at 565 feet collapsed. Area residents reported that they had already been concerned about a potential accident involving the crane, and the subsequent toppling demonstrated the need for action. Reforms have already been proposed, but residents have expressed worries that it will actually take a considerable amount of pressure before anything is actually implemented.

Part of the proposed reform includes disbanding all use of older cranes and implementing a strict age limit for cranes in the city. Newer equipment with better safety features would be used in their place. One of the most popular safety features is a black box that can log important data, such as wind speeds. Closer monitoring would also hopefully help prevent unnecessary accidents in which people are injured or killed, although there is still significant concern in regards to the maximum wind speed set by the city. Although it was lowered to 30 mph gusts of sustained winds of 20 mph, it was reverted back to old standards a short while later.

Failing to address obvious dangers or to warn passersby can lead to tragedies such as this, which quite often could have been prevented had the correct safety precautions been taken. The New York widow of the victim who suffered fatal injuries has filed a suit against the city and is seeking $600 million in damages. Victims who survive with injuries are also able to pursue premises liability suits in order to address their physical, financial and emotional injuries.

Source:, "Lowering the boom: Tribecans vow to push city on crane safety reforms", Bill Egbert, June 22, 2016

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