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It's astonishing how many times you will see a vehicle up ahead of swerving around in their lane. You probably immediately think that the driver must be intoxicated in some way, but as you pull up along the side of them to make your passing move, you notice a ghostly white glow illuminating the driver's seat. And, of course, the driver's head is down, only occasionally popping up for a brief moment to check on the traffic in front of them.

The driver was distracted by their phone, and as a result they put themselves and everyone else out on the road at risk.

What's amazing about distracted driving is that there was a time when many states didn't have legislation to combat the issues. Today, that has dramatically changed. Only four states don't have comprehensive distracted driving bans, and only five states don't use "primary offense" laws for distracted driving.

In the state of New York, the distracted driving laws are comprehensive, banning all drivers from using handheld devices and texting while driving. Of course, this means hands-free devices are allowed -- and these laws can always be broken by drivers that don't value safety.

Distracted drivers pose a huge threat to people out on the road. It is a negligent behavior that violates the law and clearly impedes a person's ability to operate a vehicle safely. If someone is distracted while driving their car due to checking their cellphone or sending a text, they can be held liable for the damage and injuries they cause in an accident.

Source:, "State Laws: New York," Accessed May 18, 2016

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