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As many New York residents are aware, the Scaffold Law in this state is very controversial even though it benefits construction workers who have been injured due to a fall at a construction site. The law states that contractors, property owners and even municipalities are liable for all damages due to a "gravity-related" site accident.

That sounds great on paper, but to contractors and property owners, the problem is that since the law holds them 100 percent liable even in cases where the injured person is partially at fault, it becomes a tremendous cost and insurance concern for them. To many, this seems to be a desperate claim, but it is one that is made nonetheless.

Construction workers deserve to be so heavily protected by laws like the NY Scaffold Law. They work in extremely dangerous areas where heavy materials, powerful equipment and machinery, and precarious working environments are the norm. Specifically with heights and scaffolding, some construction workers are just one slip away from catastrophic injury -- if not instant death.

These are brave men and women who need to have financial support in the wake of such terrible accidents. Their families depend on this support as well. Workers' compensation can go a long way to ensuring that support.

Being victimized in a gravity-related incident necessitates legal help, simply because contractors and property owners will do everything they can to minimize their liability. Don't let their responsibility be swept under the rug -- hold them accountable.

Source: FindLaw, "Scaffold Injuries," Accessed May 24, 2016

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