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The across the board criticism of all "Government Regulations" promoted by some Politicians; by some Business Representatives; and by some Private Citizens is intellectually lazy, and is of no constructive benefit to society. One need look no further than the devastating human crisis that has unfolded in Flint Michigan, to recognize that there are certain public health protections that only a responsible Government can provide. This is especially so when it comes to protecting the health of children, who are among society's most vulnerable.

It is a scientific fact that lead poisoning will cause damage in the brains of young developing children. One need only consult the literature available on the Center For Disease Control (CDC) website. Young children are calcium deficient from a developmental standpoint. Consequently, because the human body will naturally mistake lead for calcium, it thereby leads to the absorption of the poisoning effects lead at high intensities in young children. The permanent irreparable damage to the brains of the exposed children will manifest itself over the course of their entire life, at great cost to society. In their important work entitled "Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America's Children" authors Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner, detailed the sobering account of how the lack of political will to correct the risks of lead exposure, victimized an entire generation of low income children in the City of Baltimore.

It is sadly ironic that in the Flint Michigan situation, Governor Rick Snyder, has always touted the genesis of his credentials as being a former successful private business manager. Yet Snyder apparently failed to appreciate the fact that in as early as October 2014, a General Motors engine plant in Flint stopped using the water from the Flint River because exposed component parts were becoming rusted How could it be that Government Officials could not make the connection between damaged engine parts and the risks to human health and well-being.

It would be helpful if the next time a Politician in an interview cites the general notion of government regulation as detrimental, the interviewer asks for specifics.

The details concerning the breakdown of the Michigan State government, in its failure to properly regulate on behalf to the health and well being of its citizens will eventually be revealed to the public through our Justice System as the extensive litigation unfolds. As this begins to happen there will be nowhere to hide for those who are accountable.

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