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The General Motors $900 Million Penalty In The Fatal Defect Cover Up Cases Seems Unjust To Many Observers

There have been 124 deaths attributed to the defective cars made by General Motors to date. The automobile manufacturer has admitted that as early as 2004, it knew that many of the cars it was putting on the road contained defective ignition switches. G.M. has now admitted that by 2012 it had concluded that the defect in the 2.6 million cars could cause the airbags to fail. However, notwithstanding the knowledge of the fatal risks, the Company concealed this information; and did not institute a recall until two years later, in order to increase sales.

Negligent Construction Safety Claims The Life Of 1 New York City Worker And Injures 2 Other Workers

On September 3, 2015, three construction workers, who were employed at 656 Myrtle Avenue in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York City, were buried beneath a pile of cinder blocks when a retaining wall, that was designed to hold back soil around the base of a building, collapsed.

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