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General Motors has admitted knowledge of at least 150 fatalities resulting directly from the faulty ignition switches that were installed during its manufacturing process. The company has committed to paying money damages for personal injuries and wrongful deaths in each of these cases. In addition the company has admitted to knowledge of at least 143 additional personal injury victims due its negligence.

The public should view this development as an instructive example of how entrenched corporate policy can result in social injustice when it comes to business decision-making. The fact is that General Motors was aware of the safety hazards posed by the defective ignition switches well in advance of any recall campaign. However, a cost-benefit analysis led the company to decide that it would be too expensive to institute a nationwide recall, and much cheaper to defend and pay out money damages in any resulting personal injury lawsuits.

Credit must be given to our civil justice system and the hard and courageous efforts are Nation's Personal Injury Trial Lawyers who shined a light on the company's unjust business practices. As a result of these efforts General Motors has been forced to recall and replace all of the defective products; and therefore has helped to prevent countless future loss of life and personal injuries.

While corporate America may not celebrate the work of our Nation's Personal Injury Trial Attorneys, the public should recognize their irreplaceable value to the well being of our society and the preservation and improvement of the quality of life.

We at the law firm of Keogh Crispi, PC are dedicated and experienced Personal Injury Trial Attorneys who work hard to pursue justice on behalf of our clients when they become victims of personal injuries, due to the negligence of others. The monetary damages we recover operate to repair some of what has been tragically lost by innocent victims; and further operates to preserve an acceptable standard of care, by which we all must abide as we go about our day-to-day endeavors.

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