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We have now come to learn that Amtrak had technology known as "Positive Train Control" that would have prevented the horrible tragedy that killed at least 8 passengers and injured more than 200 others.

Sadly the public is being told that the safety system was scheduled to become fully implemented.

We will all watch as members of Congress fall over one another to loudly call for expedited safety funding to our passenger and freight railroad system.

However, what will not be emphasized is the fact that many of these same members of Congress have irresponsibly withheld the needed funding for decades.

In the name of so-called "fiscal responsibility" these members of Congress have once again failed the American people, and have been derelict in their sworn duty.

The fact is, our most influential members of Congress would not know what is like to have to navigate the nations passenger rail system; or our nation's dismal highways and bridges. This is because they enjoy the luxury of being flown back and forth to where they want to be on private corporate jets.

Our hearts go out to the poor victims, many of whom were on the way home, to be back with their families when befallen by this tragedy. But sincere feelings of compassion cannot be enough. Our civil justice system must operate to compensate these victims and their families for the enormous loss suffered because of a failure to exercise reasonable care.

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