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Cutting Workers Compensation Benefits unjustly enriches bad behaving corporations while shifting the financial burden onto the American taxpayer and destroying the dignity of injured workers and destroying the financial survival of the workers' families.

In an important product of investigative journalism by Michael Grabell, of ProPublica, and Howard Berkes, of NPR published on March 4, 2015, they have uncovered a disturbing and unacceptable component of social injustice in America.

Some of the findings uncovered by the Authors are as follows:

The irresponsible cutbacks of our Countries Workers' Compensation system by state legislators have been so drastic and short sided that many injured workers are caused to fall into poverty while they are forced to battle the insurance companies who unreasonably deny the needed treatment; medicine; and surgeries.

The Insurance Industry and the Chamber of Commerce use their enormous financial wealth to influence legislators in seeking "reform" due to the false claim of rising insurance costs.

By rigging the system, these wealthy Insurance Companies gain even grater financial profits by getting the American taxpayers to subsidize them in the billions of dollars a year through Social Security Disability Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid for lost wages and medical costs no longer covered by the Workers' Compensation Insurance System.

It must be remembered that these injured workers, who represent the foundation of our productive industries and private manufacturing are forced to relinquish their right to sue their employers in return for what has become a false promise.

It is discouraging that Network News outlets and Cable News outlets have deliberately neglected fulfill its role in bringing this un-American phenomenon to the Public's attention.

Mr. Grabell and Mr. Berkes deserve the highest praise for this valuable accomplishment. I recommend their investigative piece to all citizens.

The Trial Attorneys at the Law firm of Keogh Crispi, PC represent many personal injury victims who struggle to survive while relegated to reliance upon Workers Compensation as their related claims are being litigated. Consequently, we at the Law firm of Keogh Crispi, PC witness first hand, the devastating effects of the inadequacies in the Worker's Compensation system.

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