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A recent pedestrian death in Central Park has led to a new campaign by City Councilman Mark Levine to reduce speed limits and cut down on speeding in New York City parks. The current speed limit is 25 mph, but many groups believe that a lower park speed limit of 20 mph would be more appropriate. The pedestrian's death has also led to a variety of other responses, including one from a group known as Right of Way, a group of cyclists who advocate for pedestrian safety. That group recently posted a set of fake speed limit signs throughout the park, advocating for a similar reduction in speed. 

The Accident

The accident that prompted this push for safer traffic in the parks happened at 4:30 p.m. in Central Park when the victim was crossing West Drive, a road through the park near West 63rd Street. Despite the fact that she was crossing at a light, she was struck by a cyclist who remained on the scene to render aid. The woman suffered severe head trauma and was sent to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell, where she eventually succumbed to her injuries on Sunday. The district attorney's office is still in the process of determining whether charges are appropriate for the cyclist.

The New Campaign

The woman's death has spurred a variety of responses, most notably from Mark Levine, the city councilman who chairs the committee on parks and recreation. The Councilman is pushing for a lower park speed limit, which would apply to both bicyclists and motor vehicles moving through the parks. He would like to see the speed limit reduced from 25 mph, where it is currently, down to a safer 20 mph. However, this is merely a part of the new initiative that he is calling for, which also includes stricter speed limit enforcement in New York City parks. This is, in part, because the police believe that the cyclist in this case was going over the current speed limit.

This incident is also breathing new life into another long-debated issue related to traffic in the parks, whether the parks, in whole or in part, should be closed to motor vehicles. Many people argue that cars are even more dangerous to pedestrians than cyclists and as such they have no place in the city's green spaces.

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