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OSHA Releases New Communication Tower Directive

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recently released an updated directive related to workers performing construction work on communication towers. The new directive expands the responsibilities of contractors using hoists to lift personnel up the towers in an effort to improve construction worker safety. The new directive comes after a sharp increase in communication tower worker fatalities. In 2013 alone, there were twice as many communication tower fatalities as there were in the previous two years combined, and 2014 is on pace to match that number. The new directive is also interesting in relation to the ongoing debate about New York's "Scaffold Law," a law that makes contractors liable for worker injuries suffered during elevated work. 

Councilman Pushes for Lower Park Speed Limit after Pedestrian Death

A recent pedestrian death in Central Park has led to a new campaign by City Councilman Mark Levine to reduce speed limits and cut down on speeding in New York City parks. The current speed limit is 25 mph, but many groups believe that a lower park speed limit of 20 mph would be more appropriate. The pedestrian's death has also led to a variety of other responses, including one from a group known as Right of Way, a group of cyclists who advocate for pedestrian safety. That group recently posted a set of fake speed limit signs throughout the park, advocating for a similar reduction in speed. 

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