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New York City has not always had the best record in regards to traffic safety. However, that may be changing. Public officials in New York City have recently started installing speed cameras near school zones in an effort to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. The move comes after legislators in Albany approved an expansion of the city's speed camera installation program, which began with the installation of 20 cameras back in January. The New York Times reports that the new expansion will allow for the installation of another 120 cameras. These cameras come as a part of the mayor's initiative to reduce traffic fatalities around the city. 

The new speed cameras are a piece of the mayor's Vision Zero program, which has the goal of reducing city traffic fatalities to zero. The program has a variety of strategies to achieve such a reduction, and the speed cameras serve as two. These strategies include:

  • Slowing traffic in school zones to protect children; and

  • Protecting pedestrians in general from speeding traffic.

The cameras in school zones are particularly important because a 2010 municipal government report revealed that over half of all traffic fatalities in the city are pedestrians.

How Speed Camera Enforcement Works

Right now, the speed camera enforcement is somewhat limited, with a goal of having 40 in place by the end of the year, and the full 140 in place by the end of next year. The cameras currently operate to protect only school zones, which means that as of right now they are not turned on all the time. Instead, camera enforcement only occurs during times when there are children expected to be in the school.

Additionally, the cameras will not punish all of those caught speeding. Minor violations will not trigger the camera's enforcement. Instead, cameras will only issue tickets to people found going more than 10 miles per hour over the legal limit. People issued such a ticket will face a fine of $50, along with administrative fees. In Nassau County, where the majority of currently active cameras are located, the fees are set at $30. Some safety advocates are already pushing to see these fines and fees increased, since they are some of the lowest across the country.

While these cameras may help reduce traffic accidents in the future, for the moment they are an unavoidable fact of living in the city. If you or someone you love has been injured in a traffic accident, reach out a dedicated Manhattan personal injury attorney today. Our dedicated team of professionals are here to help you find full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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