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A recent highly publicized accident has shed light on dangerous driving conditions that are created by the commercial truck driving industry, and has brought the safety issues associated to the attention of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). In fact, it is estimated that of the 35,000 commercial trucks inspected each year, there are on average 250 citation issuances to truck drivers who have spent too many hours behind the wheel without a significant break. 

The Trend of Driver Fatigue in Fatality Statistics

In the last few years there has been an increase in the number of commercial truck accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities. In 2012, it was estimated that there were 3,921 deaths as a result of large-truck accidents. The largest contributing factor to these types of large-truck accidents is speeding, followed by driver fatigue. As of late there has been limited enforcement by state and federal agencies to address these issues.

Regulations to Combat Driver Fatigue in the Commercial Trucking Industry

In July 2013, new regulations were put into place to limit the maximum number of hours that a commercial truck driver is permitted to drive. The provisions brought down the previous maximum number of hours of truck driving from 82 hours to 70 hours per week. Once a driver reaches the maximum 70 hours of driving within that week, he is required to take a 34-hour continuous break. The driver is also limited in his ability to drive between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. And, after an eight-hour shift, the driver needs to take a 30-minute break before resuming the drive.

These provisions, though helpful in setting an industry standard for the number of consecutive hours that a commercial driver may be on the road, are not routinely followed, especially in light of truck drivers being paid by the mile and on strict delivery schedules. New proposals and amendments have been put forward within the last month to make the standards even more rigorous and the penalties harsher to help discourage bad driving practices and maintain safety standards on the interstate highways.

NYC Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck driver in and around New York City, you may be able to assert your claim for damages sustained from the accident. Large-truck accidents are especially fatal due to the massive size of the vehicle itself, and can lead to more serious injuries and fatalities than motor vehicles of the same size. Please speak with one of our experienced NYC personal injury lawyers at Keogh Crispi, P.C. today. You can reach us at 212-818-0600 or through our website.

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