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An actor in the popular Spiderman musical who was injured last year during a performance has filed a lawsuit against the show's producers, engineering consultants, and others. Back in August of last year, the actor's foot was caught between the mechanical lift and the stage. According to the actor's spokesperson, he has had to undergo significant surgery and even an unspecified amputation. Currently, the actor is out of the hospital but requires frequent physical therapy.
The actor alleges that the mechanical lift he was using while injured was known to be unsafe. He claims that he was told by producers that the lift was safe and that he was using it according to the instructions given to him. The lawsuit argues that because the producers knew that the machinery was dangerous and did not take the necessary safety precautions, they were negligent.
According to the report by the New York Times, several other actors have been injured on the set of Spiderman, including one who filed a $6 million lawsuit for his serious injuries. 

What Duty is Owed to Employees in New York?

The outcome of the most recent suit will invariably come down to whether he can prove that the defendants named in the case were negligent. Legal negligence is a somewhat complicated concept, but one of the main elements of proving a negligence claim in New York is to show that there was a legal duty owed to the plaintiff. The relationship between parties often dictates what duties are owed.

In this case, the plaintiff named several different defendants. First, he named the producers of the musical. In this regard, the plaintiff is an employee. Generally speaking, employers have a duty to provide safe work environments to their employees. So if the plaintiff can show that the producers knew that the lift was dangerous but did not warn employees about the dangers, that may show negligence on their part.

The plaintiff also named the manufacturer of the lift as a defendant. In this case, the plaintiff may try to show that he was a foreseeable user of the lift and that there was some kind of design flaw that made the equipment especially dangerous, even for normal users.

Have You Been Injured on the Premises of a New York Business?

If you have been injured while on the premises of a New York business, you may be entitled to monetary damages to compensate you for your injuries, including your medical bills, any future medical expenses, as well as for any pain and suffering caused by the accident.

To find out more about the laws of premises liability and negligence in the state of New York, contact an experienced New York City personal injury attorney today. With an attorney's help you will be able to better understand what potential causes of action you may have against the owner of the business where you were injured. 

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