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Earlier this week, a cement truck veered out of control in the Bronx and crashed into a residential building, killing the driver. According to a story by CBS New York, the truck accident occurred shortly after 6 p.m. in the University Heights neighborhood. Apparently, the driver was speeding of the highway, honking his horn and seemingly driving out of control. The truck smashed into cars along the road until it ran into the three-story residential building. As the truck slammed into the building, it actually broke through the front of the building and ended up partially inside.
The driver of the cement truck was pronounced dead at the scene. Several others, including a firefighter and those whose cars were hit by the truck, suffered injuries. Police say that the driver of the cement truck may have suffered a heart attack at the wheel, causing him to lose control and run into the building. It is not clear if the driver died before the collision or because of the collision. 

Medical Emergencies and Car Accidents in New York City

Medical emergencies can often lead to situations where the driver of a car is not able to continue controlling the vehicle and either crashes into other vehicles or runs the car off the road. The civil law accounts for the fact that, in some cases, medical emergencies can justify a driver's actions. However, accident victims may still be able to hold drivers responsible.

Generally, the availability of recovery for party who was injured in an accident caused by another's medical emergency depends on whether the driver experiencing the emergency was negligent in getting into the accident. This is the same standard as in all car accident cases, but the assessment of negligence hinges on the specific facts of the matter.

In these situations, it depends whether the driver had reason to know that the medical emergency may have occurred. For example, if a driver has a history of seizures and is prescribed medication, that driver may be negligent if he gets into an accident after he decides to drive after knowingly not taking the medication. In other words, the driver is negligent if he knew that by not taking his medication, there was an increased risk of having a seizure. By disregarding that risk, the driver placed other in harms way, even though not intentionally.

Have You Been Involved in a New York City Car Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a serious New York City car accident, you should speak with an experienced New York car accident attorney as soon as possible. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to monetary damages to compensate you for your injuries; including your medical bills, future medical expenses, as well as for any pain and suffering caused by the accident. To find out more about the negligence laws in New York, and to learn more about how New York accident victims can recover for their injured, contact an experienced attorney today. 

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