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Youngest motorists at highest risk for drowsy driving

Overworked, overwhelmed and overtired. These adjectives describe far too many working American adults. They also describe a startling number of American teens. As the recovering economy puts pressure on teens to get into a good college and even to help provide a share of their families' income, they can suffer understandable fatigue under the weight of their responsibilities. And of course, teens tend to be tired anyway due to biological changes and a tendency to stay up far too late for their own good.

After Sandy, considering safety of reconstruction workers

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, much debate is occurring about how to best reconstruct the most affected areas. After all, solid infrastructure is something that most Americans take for granted. However, each road, tunnel, sewage and power system, building and bridge is constructed by human hands. The rebuilding process is not simply a matter of what needs to be built when, but also who will build everything and how will New York and New Jersey keep those construction workers safe.

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