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Does your teen text while driving? If you answered no, there is a possibility that you may be incorrect. A federal survey related to texting and driving by teens was recently released by the Center for Disease and Control and the results are appalling. More than half of our nation's high school seniors admit to texting or emailing while behind the wheel. A little less than half of high school juniors admit to the same.

Teens widely understand that texting while driving can lead to car accidents, but don't often seem to care enough to stop. And if most teens truly understand that texting and driving is not safe, how many teens polled were not truthful in their answers - 60 percent may admit to texting and driving, but how many more do it but don't admit it because they know it is wrong?

A senior researcher at the Pew Research Center opines that the survey's results are not surprising. She studies how teens use technology. According to her research, text messaging is the most common way that teens communicate and an average teen sends and receives 100 texts a day.

We need to teach our young drivers that texting and driving can have fatal repercussions. Kids who spend more time focused on their phone are more likely to have delayed reaction times while driving. In fact, 16 percent of teen motor vehicle deaths are caused by distracted driving. Not only is texting and driving dangerous, it is also illegal in many jurisdictions. A total of thirty-nine states have banned texting and driving for all people regardless of age. An additional five states have outlawed the practice for teen drivers.

Teens and adults need to realize the danger they create the minute they focus on their phone rather than on the road. Texting and driving not only puts the driver in danger but it creates a dangerous environment for everyone around them. Be safe: don't text and drive.

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