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With the holidays approaching, it is imperative that parents be on the lookout for dangerous or defective toys. Even as toys are being tested more rigorously, in order to prevent unsafe toys from being sold on the market, these potentially dangerous products are still being sold in the United States. However, with some commonsense precautions, you can ensure that the toys that you buy your children this holiday season are as safe as possible.

How to Avoid Dangerous Toys

The Better Business Bureau offers several tips on avoiding unsafe toys. First of all, you can find out which toys have been recalled by visiting the Consumer Products Safety Commission's (CPSC) web site at

If you have already purchased a toy that has been recalled, the CPSC can help coordinate refunds or exchanges. You can consult the CPSC's web site for instructions on how to handle the recalled toy. You can also work with the retailer who sold you the toy. However, as retailers have their own return policies regarding recalled toys, you should check with the retailer for its applicable policy.

Another tip for avoiding unsafe toys is to beware when buying toys online. Most large stores quickly take recalled toys off the shelf, but online retailers may be slower to react to a recall. Check the CPSC's or Toy Industry Association's web site before you buy online.

A final pointer for safe toy shopping this season is to exclusively purchase toys that are appropriate for the age of the child. Toys intended for older children often have small parts that can be dangerous for younger children. The age recommendations on the toy's packaging will allow you to evaluate whether the toy is appropriate for your child.

An Attorney Can Help

If your child is injured by a defective toy, a poorly designed toy or one without a proper warning label, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can advise you of your rights under the law. An attorney can help protect you and your child from the negligence of manufacturers of defective products.

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