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Planning your claim when fatigue is a factor in a semitruck crash

Truckers have to drive for hundreds of miles per shift. While there are laws in place to prevent them from driving over a specific number of hours between rest breaks, there is a still a chance that some truckers will become fatigued, even when they are in compliance with these time limits.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry is filled with companies that place the emphasis on fast delivery times, even if the truckers doing the routes have to drive while they are too tired. This puts everyone on the roads in danger of being involved in an accident with the semitruck.

Factors to consider when seeking compensation for an injury

We recently discussed one of the hazards of electronic cigarettes. If you recall, the victims of these e-cig explosions suffered some very serious injuries. There really isn't any reason for someone to have to deal with the catastrophic injuries that occur simply because the manufacturers don't have a safe product on the shelves.

Some of the injuries reported are life-altering. Think about how devastating it would be if a vape device exploded while you were smoking. Your teeth might be knocked out or your face could be burned. These will likely require significant medical care before you are well enough to care for yourself.

Construction worker injuries and deaths climb in New York City

New York City is in the midst of a construction boom. While this might be a positive sign for the economy, it also brings about some solemn news for the men and women who are working hard on these projects. They are losing co-workers at an alarming rate. This doesn't even include the individuals who are injured on the job.

In the first seven months of 2018, there were eight construction worker deaths in the city. Last year, that same timeframe saw four deaths. The injury rate has also increased. In the first seven months of the year, there were 469 injuries, which is a 17 percent increase.

Electronic cigarettes can explode and cause serious injuries

Electronic cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigs or vapes, are touted as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. This is proving not to be the case thanks to safety issues with the devices themselves. Even if you don't look at the ingredients in the cartridges, you will still find something very unsafe.

These devices use a lithium battery to heat up the element that produces the vapors that are inhaled. Unfortunately, these are the same batteries that are known to explode. When this happens, the user might suffer some very serious injuries.

Car wrecks are expensive, seeking compensation might help you

Car crashes have many impacts on the victims. Not only do you have to think about how you will address the damage to your car, but you also have to think about your physical injuries and the emotional turmoil that the wreck caused. All of this can be rather overwhelming.

When you are trying to figure out what to do after the accident, you need to make sure that you are keeping yourself as the priority. You need to get medical care if you are injured. Some injuries might get worse if they are left untreated. Plus, visiting the doctor establishes a connection between the accident and your injuries.

Understanding the personal injury settlement process

Settlements are often used to resolve personal injury claims. When you have a claim for a car crash, you might be ready to get the whole ordeal over with. If you are willing to settle, you might be able to work through everything much faster than if you go through a trial. Some victims are willing to do this because they are aware of the outcome of the case without having to wonder what a judge will decide. If you are considering a settlement, make sure you think carefully about the terms.

When you embark on the process, the other side is going to give you a lowball offer. You can't let this upset you. Instead, you will go back to them with something that is more along the lines of what you expect. While they start low, you will start high. Eventually, you might come to a number that is agreeable to both sides.

Medical malpractice cases require various steps to address

Medical malpractice cases are often very difficult for patients to understand. You trusted the doctor to do what needed to be done in your case, but you didn't get the care you deserved. This atrocity is one that can't be ignored. If you find out that you are the victim of medical malpractice, there are very specific things that you need to do.

One of the first things to do is to contact the doctor directly. There is a chance that the doctor will do what is necessary to rectify the situation. If there weren't severe impacts to your health, you might find that this a preferable solution because you don't have to do too much. Make sure you fully understand what the doctor is offering if there is an offer on the table.

Not everything that distracts truckers is blatantly obvious

Truckers who aren't giving their full attention to the road can cause a crash that seriously injures innocent victims. There are many different things that can take a trucker's focus off of driving. It is easy to focus on the readily obvious distractions like cellphones; however, these aren't the only ones that exist.

Long-haul truckers spend a lot of time away from home. They might be concerned about what is going on with their family members. These thoughts can distract the driver enough to where they might make errors when they drive. Eating, drinking, trying to read directions, speaking to dispatch and other similar actions can also cause a trucker to err while driving.

4 types of brain injuries: Which one do you have?

There are four primary types of traumatic brain injuries. These types of injuries usually happen after a car accident, a sporting accident, a fight, a fall or being struck by a falling object. However, they may not be immediately apparent to doctors and victims.

The more aware you are of the signs and symptoms of the various kinds of brain injuries, the earlier you and your physician can diagnose your condition and the sooner you can get the treatment you need. Here are the four main types of brain injuries:

Falls from heights can kill construction workers

Construction workers face a host of hazards while they are doing their jobs. One thing that they shouldn't ever have to worry about is not having the safety equipment they need. The labor laws in New York set up specific requirements for construction companies. These standards help ensure that workers are safe.

One of the common arguments that comes up is that the strict laws, including the scaffolding law, drives up costs that have to be passed on to customers or absorbed by the business. An editorial in Crain's New York Business argues that this isn't the case.

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