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Reducing hazards related to welding at construction sites

At a construction site, welders are sometimes called in to complete parts of the job. These individuals are usually highly trained; however, construction companies must ensure that they are doing things in a safe manner. There are several safety concerns that need to be addressed so that the welders and others around them aren't at an increased risk of injury.

Understanding these hazards is imperative for New York welders. Continuing education and reminders to work safely can also be beneficial.

What happens when a construction worker is injured by equipment?

The construction industry is filled with hazards of all sorts. The workers who do these jobs have to deal with very dangerous conditions that include not only power tools and equipment, but also the weather. It is imperative that they be provided with the safest work conditions possible to help them avoid suffering unnecessary injuries.

While there are many accidents that can be prevented with safety protocol, others are due to factors that the employer can't control. One example is when a product, such as a power tool, has a defect that leads to a worker becoming injured.

Mental impacts of car wrecks can be life-altering

Victims of car wrecks often experience feelings of nervousness and anxiety when they think about having to get in a vehicle again. This can have a negative impact on their life, especially if the effects don't lessen over time. There is a chance that these individuals might have to seek out mental health help to be able to learn how to cope with this very serious effect of the accident.

The mental effects of these accidents seem to be tied to the severity of the wreck, but this doesn't mean that people who are in minor crashes won't suffer from some negative effects. It is possible that anyone who is in a car wreck will develop phobias related to the incident. This might be not wanting to drive in the same model of vehicle or not wanting to be around the same type of vehicle that struck them.

Parking lot safety must be a priority for businesses

Businesses need to take steps to help ensure customer safety. One area that might be overlooked is parking lot safety. With the sun setting earlier during the winter, companies that are open past dusk need to have adequate lighting in their parking lots. Without this, there is a chance that customers will suffer from injurieseither from accidents or from intentional bad actions.

The darkness in some parking lots can lead to customers falling on uneven surfaces. Poorly lit parking lots can also make it difficult for motorists to spot people walking to and from their cars, so there is a risk of someone being struck by vehicles. People might even get attacked or mugged in dark parking lots. Installing adequate lighting is imperative for all businesses.

Traumatic amputations: A life-threatening construction injury

Construction workers use dangerous tools to get their jobs done. Some have sharp components and others are heavy. Both can lead to traumatic amputations if there are any safety issues. It is imperative that workers use proper safety protocol when they are working with power tools and heavy equipment.

The construction company must ensure that everyone is properly trained and that the equipment is all in good shape. This can reduce the likelihood that a traumatic amputation will occur. If a worker does suffer this type of injury, prompt treatment, including appropriate first aid, is necessary.

Workplace safety: Important facts about ladder falls

Ladders are one of the most common tools at use on construction sites all across New York, and most workers have used them so often that it feels like second nature. They hardly think about it.

Even so, or perhaps because of this mentality, ladders are very dangerous. For instance, in 2015, the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that over 20,000 people suffered injuries when falling off of ladders at work. On top of that, there were more than 150 deadly accidents.

Devastating impacts of semitruck crashes can't be ignored

You shouldn't ever have to be the person who deals with the financial implications of another person's actions. Unfortunately, when you are involved in a semitruck crash, it might seem like you will have to do just that. These accidents are often very serious and can lead to life-altering injuries that require extensive medical care and healing time. We know that you couldn't adequately plan for this type of event occurring in your life.

For some victims of semitruck crashes, an inpatient stay at the hospital is common. These can be lengthy. When they are discharged, they might face a long road to recovery at home. This can mean having countless medical appointments, therapy visits and other events necessary to assist in healing and monitor progress.

Mini-crane accidents yields criminal charges

Last month, the district attorney for Manhattan met with representatives of multiple New York City agencies and announced the filing of criminal charges related to a June mini-crane accident that seriously injured two construction workers.

Two supervisors employed by Western Waterproofing Co. (dba Western Specialty Contractors) - out-of-state subcontractors based in St. Louis - were both charged with two counts of reckless endangerment (misdemeanors) and two counts of felony assault.

Product liability claims can come from defective gifts

The Christmas season is here, which means that people will buy gifts for others. When you are shopping, you likely expect that the stores are only selling safe items. You don't want anyone to suffer an injury due to your gift. Unfortunately, products might seem safe when you purchase them but it is later discovered that there is something unsafe about it. We know this isn't what you want to happen, but you should be prepared if there is an unsafe gift exchanged.

All products that are sold should have warnings on them. Even though these seem boring, you should make sure you read them, as well as the entire owner's manual of any product you receive as a gift this holiday season. This can help you become familiar with the safe operation of the item.

Safety around heavy equipment is critical

Heavy equipment is necessary to get many jobs done, including construction. The trouble with these large machines is that they also pose a safety risk to workers using them and those who are around the equipment. Proper safety guidelines must be adhered to at all times.

Most heavy equipment has safety rules in the owner's manual. Employers can't expect employees to read through all of this, so each company must have those rules put into place on the job sites. There is never an excuse for a business to try to pass the duties of setting and enforcing safety rules on to the employees. However, they can demand that workers comply with the rules they set.

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