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Ladder safety at construction sites must be a priority

People who are going to use a ladder for any project must ensure that they are using the proper safety measures so they can minimize the risk of falls. There are many different things to consider when you are using a ladder, so anyone working with them must take the time to learn the proper safety protocol.

The first thing workers must do is check the ladder for obvious signs of disrepair. These include damaged rungs or side bars. Once this is done, the ladder needs to be set up properly. It must be placed on a solid surface that is dry and free of debris. It shouldn't be completely vertical. Instead, it should be placed at an angle with one foot of distance on the ground for every four feet of height.

Car crashes can be very serious in the city

With the summer months just around the corner, anyone who is going to drive needs to make sure that they are ready for the challenges that will come with this. In New York City, drivers have to be prepared for pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles. If they aren't, serious crashes can occur.

There are times when drivers try to rush around. They wait until the last minute to leave for an appointment or for work. They don't pay attention to the rules of the road or who should have the right of way. They are only focused on their own schedule. This is where the problem comes in. Drivers who try to rush can take risks that aren't appropriate.

Notes can help you with a claim for compensation after a crash

When you are involved in a car crash, you will have a lot of thoughts going through your mind. It might be best for you to take the time to write down what you remember as soon as possible. This can help you keep everything straight, but it also serves another purpose.

The notes that you take after the crash might prove to be very helpful when you are working on your case with your attorney. You should try to keep these notes as comprehensive as possible so that everything is at your fingertips.

The elements of a medical malpractice case are often complex

In our previous blog post, we discussed a doctor's duty of care. This isn't the only thing that comes into the picture when there is a medical malpractice issue affecting your family. Another factor is the standard of care. Did the patient get care that meets the standard that another prudent doctor with the same training and information would order?

The standard of care concept is interesting, because there aren't universal standards that apply to all doctors. Instead, the doctor's training, education and available technology can all come into the picture in these cases. We can help you to determine whether the standard of care was met in your case or not by taking a look at these factors.

Understanding a doctor's duty of care

When you seek medical care, your doctor has a duty to offer medical care that meets or exceeds the standard of care. These concepts are very important if you end up having to make a claim regarding medical malpractice against the doctor.

The duty of care concept is important because it sets the standard as to whether the doctor must treat you or not. When there isn't an established medical connection between the doctor and patient, the doctor doesn't have any duty to render medical care at all.

Fatal 4 accidents at construction sites must be prevented

Construction workers face a number of hazards when they are out on a job site. Everything from the weather to errors made by other workers can lead to workers being injured. As difficult as it might be to keep workers protected, construction companies have a duty to provide a safe working environment despite these conditions.

There are four types of accidents that are more deadly than others. These are deemed the fatal four by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Preventing these are a good start for construction companies, but they need to go beyond only focusing on those known risks.

Construction accidents often have horrific results

The number of construction accidents that make the news is troubling. In many of these cases, proper protocol and safety guidelines could have prevented the incidents. This is one of the points that makes these accidents so tragic. These men and women came to work with the intent of earning their pay and then going home to their family members at the end of their shift.

When a construction accident does occur, things can turn bad quickly. When you think about the equipment you will find at a construction site, you can easily see why safety has to be a priority at these locations. The conditions of the site also have a part in this. Ultimately, the construction company overseeing the project has a duty to help keep workers safe while they are working.

Workers' compensation versus third-party claims

Construction workers who are injured on the job might need to file for workers' compensation benefits. Understanding what these benefits can do might help you decide if this is the correct way to resolve your injury claim.

Many people don't realize that workers' compensation benefits might not be the only ones that they can seek. In some cases, injured workers have the right to sue a third party for their injuries. They can't sue their employer because the workers' compensation laws prohibit this.

New construction worker training requirements bring peace of mind

As a construction worker you have a dangerous, but important job. Homes, businesses, roadways and shopping centers require the hard work and dedication of employees like you. While safety equipment and OSHA regulations promote safety on construction sites, accidents sill happen at an alarming rate.

Safe construction requires more than a hard hat, steel toed boots and the ability to swing a hammer. Legal experts believe that proper education and training can reduce the ever-increasing rates of construction site accidents.

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