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Truckers must drive very safely in the snow

Driving on wintry roads is something that is difficult, especially for drivers of semitrucks who face unique challenges when driving even if the roads are completely clear. All drivers need to take the time to brush up on how to drive safely in the winter weather. Taking a few extra minutes to learn about the challenges that truckers face might help other motorists avoid doing anything that might lead to a crash.

One important point to remember is that semitrucks need around one-fourth mile of clearance to maneuver on the slick roads. This distance won't always remain empty, but drivers should make sure that they aren't zipping into that space because the trucker might not be able to stop to avoid a crash.

Don't let a doctor's status stop you from filing a legal claim

Medical malpractice in all forms can injure or kill. There isn't any good reason why a medical professional should ever act in a negligent or purposeful manner that will harm a patient. Unfortunately, not all doctors care for their patients in the ways they should.

A victim of medical malpractice might suffer in ways he or she never imagined he or she would. There is a chance that he or she might need invasive treatments or prolonged treatments that wouldn't have been necessary in other circumstances. In the most serious cases, conditions are left unchecked to grow and worsen, which can ultimately lead to a painful and difficult death.

Slip-and-fall accidents happen because of negligence

You had a busy morning, and it was your goal to get back to your hotel as fast as possible. You're in town for a short time, so you want to make sure you get to see as much of New York as you can. Sadly, as you walked into your hotel, you slid on the wet ground in the entrance. The tile, wet from melting snow, wasn't marked, and you fell, hard.

The next thing you knew, you were heading to the hospital with a concussion and other injuries. Now, your time in the city is primarily focused on your recovery, and you don't know when you'll be back on the job.

Medical malpractice cases must have specific elements

Patients who suffer harm because of medical care they receive might wonder if they have a case for a medical malpractice claim. There are several points that these patients must remember if they are considering this type of personal injury lawsuit.

One point that is important in these cases is that the error must be preventable. Some negative impacts in medicine are unavoidable, so you normally won't be able to seek compensation for those unless there is an issue that caused you not have informed consent.

Car crashes can quickly ruin the holiday season

There are a few things that can truly ruin the holiday season. Getting into a car crash and suffering a catastrophic injury is one of these. While it might not completely save your holidays, you do have the option of seeking compensation from the driver who ran into your vehicle. We can help you to learn about doing this and help you to get the process started.

A holiday car crash is devastating for several reasons. One is the financial impact of the holiday season. Even if you already had the gifts purchased, you might find that the spirit of the season is destroyed because you are so stressed about your current financial situation now.

Motor vehicle crashes happen way too often

Keeping people who are on the roads safe has been a priority of public health officials. While these individuals can make all of the public awareness campaigns they want, the actual duty to remain safe falls on each driver.

There are several ways that drivers can reduce the likelihood that they will be involved in a crash. Driving at or below the speed limit, only driving when you are fully cognizant, using a seat belt and having children use appropriate safety seats are all imperative.

To wear or not to wear a hard hat: That's the question

It doesn't matter that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires construction workers to wear hard hats. It doesn't matter that your boss requires you to wear a hard hat at all times on the job.

The real reason you should wear a hard hat at work is because it could save your life.

Construction workers should be provided a safe work environment

Crane safety was a topic that we recently discussed, but this is only one of the hazards that construction workers face when they head in to work. These dangers are pretty well-known, but that doesn't stop these men and women from doing the work that enables us to have places to live, buildings for businesses and roads to travel on.

We understand that no workplace is 100 percent safe. Even jobs that seem safe do have some risks associated with them. Construction work just has a few more than other jobs, but there are ways that these workers can be kept as safe as possible.

Crane safety at construction sites can save lives

Many heavy items are needed in the construction industry. Getting these into place isn't easy without the use of heavy equipment. Cranes are one of the pieces of equipment necessary to get these items where they need to be.

As much as cranes do to help construction workers, they can also be very dangerous at the site. Proper safety is a key to using these machines without endangering the men and women who are working in the area. Here are some points to consider:

Take a stand if you are hurt shopping this holiday season

The holiday shopping season means that a trip to any store might be a test in patience for you. The stores are likely going to be very busy as people try to get what they need for the meals and gift exchanges that are coming. It is imperative that you take the time to make sure you are safe as you shop.

The entire duty to ensure your safety doesn't actually fall on you. Stores have a duty to make sure that the conditions of the store are conducive to safety. This means making sure that the floors are free from hazards, that crowd control is in place, that parking lots are in good repair and that merchandise is safely stored. When any of these elements aren't in place, innocent customers can be harmed.

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