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Most of the local roadways in New York City have a speed limit of 30 miles per hour. Truck drivers, cab drivers and local drivers frequently neglect rules of the road because getting to their destination quickly is their top priority. Speeding contributes to many different types of accidents throughout the city.

If you have suffered injuries from an accident involving speeding by a negligent driver, our Manhattan-based personal injury law firm will advocate for your rights.

Keogh Crispi is led by a team of experienced trial attorneys. We take a thorough and aggressive approach to representing our clients, with a goal of maximizing our clients' compensation and benefits for their personal injury or car accident claim.

While we are skilled and proven in the courtroom, you can expect that your lawyer will provide the individualized attention that your case deserves to secure the best possible outcome, whether through settlement or trial.

Please call us at 212-518-2417 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with one of our lawyers — available 24/7 to respond to your call.

The Impact Of Speed On Motor Vehicle Accidents

A driver's IQ diminishes in direct proportion with the increase of speed. This is because drivers who are speeding often do not recognize that they have minimal opportunity to make decisions and respond appropriately to obstacles or dangerous situations. Speeding eliminates the time you need to recognize what is happening around you, respond to the situation and react properly to it.

Injuries from speeding accidents can be very serious because the force of the collision is much greater than if the vehicle had been going at a slower speed. If you have been hit by another driver who was speeding on the roadway, you can count on our team to zealously advocate for your interests in your injury claim.

Working With Your Team

Our car accident lawyers have two main goals in mind:

  1. Protecting your interests and rights with the court and insurance companies
  2. Recovering the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your past, present and future accident-related costs

Our team works closely with our clients at all times. We will ensure your questions and concerns do not go unanswered. Over the years, we have achieved significant jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients and have a proven track record in the courtroom; you can rely on our service and attention to detail.

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