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Side-impact collisions, commonly referred to as T-bone collisions, typically occur at intersections when an inattentive driver fails to yield to traffic. The case may seem obvious, but one of the insurance companies involved will likely not agree. If either the negligent driver's insurance company or your own insurance company sees a way it can avoid paying out your full claim, it will.

In fact, insurance companies (even your own) will work diligently to reduce and even deny your claim for monetary damages and losses relating to your side-impact collision and resulting injuries.

At Keogh Crispi, our Manhattan-based attorneys are very familiar with side-impact car collision cases and the strategies employed by insurance companies to mitigate liabilities. Our team has over 40 combined years of experience guiding clients through what can be a complex and time-consuming legal process to end results that maximize deserved compensation.

As soon as we accept your case, we work with accident reconstructionists and engineers to ensure we have a clear understanding of exactly what happened in your accident. With this information, we can prepare a detailed and compelling case to present to the at-fault party's insurance carrier and challenge its rebuttal successfully.

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The Evidence To Secure Your Compensation

Following a serious car collision you will face injuries, property damage and time away from work. Finding the right auto accident law firm is often the first step in stabilizing your finances and preventing financial peril. After we listen to the facts of your situation, we will provide an honest assessment of the challenges you might face through litigation.

Most T-bone accidents result from either inattentiveness or a failure to properly yield in an intersection. Regardless of traffic lights, signs or conditions, it is imperative that drivers recognize their surroundings and avoid hazardous conditions.

Defensive driving is a mandatory component when a motorist enters or approaches an intersection. A multitude of variables and unknown factors can influence the safety of all drivers. If you were injured by a negligent driver, it is right to hold that driver accountable for his or her actions.

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