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If you are expecting a child, you always hope for a safe delivery and that your child will be born healthy and happy. Sadly, however, serious issues can arise when doctors and other medical staff make mistakes during childbirth ― mistakes that put your unborn child at risk.

If your child has suffered any type of negative health impact because of an error made by a medical professional during your pregnancy, delivery or postnatal care, you may have grounds to pursue damages by filing a medical malpractice claim.

These are complex and emotional cases, and a qualified attorney can help ensure that your child's interests — and indeed, your child's very future — are protected to the fullest possible extent. At the law firm of Keogh Crispi, our attorneys represent New York City families in a variety of birth injury and other prenatal and postnatal negligence claims.

Skillful Legal Representation In All Types Of Birth Injury Claims

We understand the duty of care owed to you and your child at every phase of your pregnancy and delivery. We understand the mistakes that can place you and your child at risk, and we know how to pursue justice when those mistakes have harmful consequences.

We are prepared to represent you in any birth injury or related claim, including claims related to:

  • Errors that result in cerebral palsy or other forms of brain damage
  • Mishandling of shoulder dystocia leading to brachial plexus injuries or Erb's palsy
  • Failure to monitor the vital signs of mother and child
  • Failure to recognize fetal distress
  • Failure to perform a cesarean section or performing one too late
  • Negligent postnatal care

Whether your child has suffered a serious injury or worse, death, you deserve answers — and the parties responsible deserve to be held accountable for their actions. Contact us today and our lawyers will help you obtain justice.

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At Keogh Crispi, we recognize that every case is different, and we will carefully analyze the circumstances of your case in order to determine what legal options may be available to you.

Contact our New York office today to discuss your birth injury claim. Schedule your free consultation today by calling us at 212-518-2417, or email us. There are no upfront legal costs, and we only charge a fee if we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

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