Slip And Fall

Experienced Trial Attorneys For Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Slip-and-fall accidents are one type of premises liability case. They typically occur when unsafe conditions cause a person to slip or trip. Falls can occur indoors or outdoors. In any case, the property owner can be held responsible for negligence if he or she failed to maintain a safe property.

Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Failing to clean floors properly after merchandise has been spilled in a store, or when there is a roof or equipment leak
  • Failing to put up signs to warn people of slippery floors
  • Failing to warn people of sudden drops or rises in the floor or steps that can't be seen
  • Failing to properly secure carpeting or rugs
  • Failing to install or maintain adequate lighting in stairwells, or failure to have handrails
  • Failing to fix broken railings, screens or other safety features
  • Leaving merchandise in aisles or allowing merchandise on shelves to stick out into the aisle

Don't Assume That You Were At Fault

Whether a business property, an apartment complex, a retail store or a school building, property owners can be held legally responsible for injuries to the public caused by unsafe conditions.

Too often, when people suffer a serious injury because of a fall, they assume that they were careless. This may be a very wrong assumption, especially in retail stores. Retailers are skilled at distracting you with attractive displays and excessive merchandise. If you then fall or trip over merchandise, they blame you for the very conditions that the retailer created. That is not fair. It's irresponsible and negligent.

The New York City attorneys at Keogh Crispi have handled many premises liability cases over 40 years of experience with personal injury law in New York. We understand the serious injuries these types of accidents can cause such as broken hips, broken wrists and arms, disabling back injuries — even death.

We have achieved significant financial awards for clients in slip-and-fall accidents.

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