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Late at night, when you are all alone, parking lots and parking garages can certainly feel intimidating or even scary. Many people in this position will run to their cars or hold their keys in a defensive fashion for good reason, but such tactics are not foolproof.

Thousands of assaults occur each year in parking lots and parking garages. Many, if not all, of them could have been prevented by attentive and detail-oriented property managers.

At Keogh Crispi, our premises liability attorneys in Manhattan have over 40 years of experience representing injured individuals in a broad range of personal injury cases. Clients trust our personal service and individual attention to guide them through the legal process of a premises liability case.

Our goal is to fully understand all of the factors that led to your injuries, and the scope of your recovery. With this information, we will negotiate on your behalf and fight for your maximum monetary compensation for your injuries and treatment.

Negligent Parking Garage Security, Lighting And Maintenance

There are generally three factors that need to be addressed to properly ensure the safety of everyone visiting a parking lot and/or parking garage.

  • Security: Inadequate or negligent security can lead to assaults.
    • In some cases, the security staff itself is responsible for the injuries. A property owner must ensure that the perimeter is safe, there are surveillance cameras, there is a well-trained security staff and exterior doors are locked.
  • Lighting: Inadequate lighting in parking areas can create an invitation for criminals who target unsuspecting consumers.
    • A property owner must ensure that all lights are working, that all areas are properly lit and that visitors are safe.
  • General maintenance: Broken stairs, cracked pavement, defective doors and other general maintenance failures can all lead to dangerous accidents and serious assaults.
    • Not only are security and lighting important, but a property manager must ensure the general maintenance and upkeep of an area.

Many people leave a mall or department store with a false sense of security. In fact, the notion of security is ever-changing. A property owner or manager must be diligent, even aggressive, in ensuring the safety and security of his or her visitors. Training and upkeep are a constant activity.

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