Dangerous Product Liability

Some dangerous products are improperly designed or engineered. Additionally, some otherwise safe products have manufacturing defects, leading to them to become dangerous and hazardous products.

When you are injured while using a product in the manner it was intended to be used, the manufacturer must be held responsible for the losses and money damages you have suffered.

We Deliver Exceptional Results

At Keogh Crispi, P.C., our attorneys know product liability laws cold. We have over 40 years of experience and exceptional results pursuing personal injury cases on behalf of victims and their families in New York City.

Whether you were poisoned by carbon monoxide because of an improperly installed furnace, or were injured by a poorly designed SUV resulting in a rollover, our lawyers have the proven litigation skills to achieve your best possible outcome through negotiated settlement or trial.

We Handle Complex Cases Against Auto Manufacturers And Other Large Corporations

Our attorneys succeed in cases involving accidents or serious injuries resulting from improperly designed or defective cars, trucks, or components such as tires. These defects or improper designs create dangerous products, and can result in tire blowouts, SUV rollovers or tire tread separations. We aggressively pursue the fair and full compensation you deserve with the help of a deep network of expert witnesses across a wide range of industries and professions.

Remember, the attorney you choose to represent your case will make a considerable difference in your outcome, especially in determining the complex liability situation involved in a dangerous product injury. We understand the complexities of dangerous product liability laws. Our experience will work for you.

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