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Similar to any other type of construction work, most of the accidents that ironworkers and welders endure are a result of some kind of negligence or mistake, especially construction site supervisor negligence. The worst part of this tragedy is that it could have been avoided with due diligence and attention to safety regulations.

The Compensation You Need ∙ The Justice You Deserve

At Keogh Crispi, we have New York construction injury attorneys with more than 40 years of experience representing injured construction workers. We are well-versed in New York's Industrial Code, OSHA standards and other legislation that regulates the safety standards that supervisors, owners, site safety supervisors and shop stewards are supposed to follow.

The injuries you have to endure are bad enough. It would be a total injustice to also have to shoulder the financial burdens associated with these injuries.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a welding or ironwork accident, we will help you get the money you need and the justice you deserve.

A Dangerous Occupation Demands Maximum Compensation

In construction jobs, the iron and welding workers are down in the nuts and bolts, building the skeletons of the projects. This increases the risk of injuries or wrongful death caused by:

  • Trench collapses: When working on the foundations and skeletal structures of projects, welders and ironworkers are at great risk of the structures caving in around them.
  • Unsafe equipment: When welding and iron tools are poorly manufactured or maintained, they present tremendous risk to the workers.
  • Inadequate construction safety gear: Ironworkers in the trenches of projects need overhead protection from falling equipment and falling objects and debris.

New York City Attorneys Fighting For Welding And Ironworkers

Please contact us online or call us at 212-518-2417 to schedule your free consultation and case evaluation if you or a loved one has been injured in a welding or ironworking accident on a job site.

One of our experienced attorneys will walk you through the legal process, explain your options and help you find the care you need while we pursue the maximum compensation you deserve with no upfront costs. We only get paid if we secure a favorable settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Our office is conveniently located two blocks from Grand Central Station in New York City. We take calls 24 hours a day, and we meet with our clients in their hospital rooms or homes when needed.

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