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In construction projects involving cranes or other high-altitude equipment, someone must control the crane on the ground and someone else is stationed on top of the construction site to handle the heavy load carried by the crane.

Crane operators cannot see the workers on top of the building in many cases, so they have to trust the signalmen to communicate the proper timing for moving the heavy objects, making signalmen some of the most important people on the construction site.

When A Signalman Makes A Mistake ...

The injuries are usually severe. The sizes and weights of the loads carried by cranes on construction sites are enormous. Most people involved in signalman error accidents are severely injured, paralyzed or killed. Our attorneys represent clients who have been injured and family members of construction workers who have been killed because of improper signaling:

  • Falls on construction sites: In some cases, lack of proper communication between the signalman and the crane operator results in the crane's load surprising the worker on top of a roof, ladder or scaffold and knocking the worker over.
  • Injuries from falling objects and debris: In other cases, miscommunication causes the crane operator to move the crane's load before it is properly secured, resulting in injuries caused by falling objects.
  • Negligent construction site supervisors: We have also seen injuries that happen because no signalman was on duty when one was clearly needed. This is simply negligence on the part of the supervisor or site safety manager.

We have more than 40 years of combined experience helping injured construction workers in New York City and their families obtain money for injuries. We can help you.

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