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While seeking medical attention is the first thing you should always do after a construction accident, it is also a good idea to speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible, especially since you only have a limited amount of time to file a legal claim for your injuries ― which is otherwise known as a statute of limitations.

Under New York law, the statute of limitations for construction accident injuries may vary depending on the circumstances. For instance:

  • You may need to file your lawsuit within three years of the date of your construction-related injury if your accident was caused by general negligence.
  • You may need to file your lawsuit within two years if a loved one has died in a construction accident.
  • You may need to file your claim within 90 days, and your lawsuit within one year and 90 days, if your accident involves a government agency or public entity.

However, as the above information makes quite clear, every situation is different. In fact, there are many other legal exceptions and specific rules you need to be aware of in certain situations ― or risk having your claim dismissed for being untimely. This is why it is best to be on the safe side and contact a construction accident attorney right away.

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At Keogh Crispi, we understand just how overwhelming it can be to deal with construction-related injuries. Fortunately, we are here to help. Whether you suffer an injury in a construction fall, in an accident involving heavy machinery or anything in between, we will carefully investigate the accident and help make sure you file your claim on time.

The attorney you choose makes all the difference, so call us today ― we will not be out-worked by our opponents. Schedule your free consultation by calling 212-518-2417, or email us online. Our office is conveniently located just two blocks from Grand Central Station. We also offer home and hospital visits if you are unable to travel to our office. You have nothing to lose, so get help today.

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