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Suffering an injury while working in a construction site can be devastating, often leaving you unable to work and with significant injuries. Sadly, however, construction-related injuries continue to occur despite the fact that countless federal safety regulations and New York statutes exist to protect workers.

For example, New York's scaffolding law ― otherwise known as the New York Labor Law Section 240 ― is designed to safeguard construction workers who must work at great heights, which is quite common in New York City. As its name suggests, this law's main goal is to protect workers from life-threatening scaffolding falls and other similar construction-related accidents, including falls from ladders.

Essentially, this law requires general contractors and property owners to provide workers with necessary and properly installed safety equipment when building, painting, renovating, repairing, demolishing or simply cleaning a building, including equipment such as:

  • Properly assembled scaffolding
  • Hoists, pulleys and harnesses
  • Ladders

Because of this law, construction companies and project owners are typically strictly liable when a worker suffers a fall-related construction accident ― meaning they are responsible for your injuries, no matter what.

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While New York's scaffolding law is quite comprehensive when it comes to the protection of construction workers, it is also important to remember that some limited exceptions to the law exist. Because every situation is different, it is always best to contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

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