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With more than 40 years of experience with construction site injury litigation, we know the difficulties that injured workers face. First, there is the immediate pain and suffering that you will experience. Further, if you are seriously hurt, you can no longer work to provide for your family, a problem compounded by the mounting medical bills.

Our New York attorneys have experience representing workers who sustained injuries as a result of holes in construction site floors. We represent injured union workers and journeymen, as well as the families of wrongful death victims.

We understand the difficult time you are going through, and we understand how critical your money award is to getting your life back. Let us help you.

Understanding New York Labor Law Sections 240 And 241

New York law places liability on contractors and owners when their workers are hurt in falls from heights or from debris falling on them. Even if you made an ill-advised decision that partly led to the accident, this fact will not necessarily limit your right to recover damages in the form of money.

This law is in place to protect workers from the gravity-related dangers that are so prevalent and so potentially devastating on construction sites. One major example is the concrete pouring. When the concrete is poured, they map out where the openings are going to be. But far too often these openings are not covered with something stable enough to uphold the workers, they are not labeled properly or they are left as totally unguarded openings.

The process by which the concrete work is done on most construction projects renders the construction site covered in booby traps. Improper cleanup and maintenance and supervisor negligence are the most common causes of this unsafe construction site condition. Keogh Crispi can help you obtain the monetary award you need and the justice you deserve.

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