Falls And Falling Objects Are A Leading Cause Of Injury

New York law grants special protection and litigation advantages to workers who were injured as a result of gravity-related injuries. The New York "scaffold law," Labor Law Section 240, provides injured workers with the ability to pursue compensation from property owners as well as through the workers' compensation system.

Special Legal Protection May Offer Increased Compensation

This law was enacted because the New York lawmakers rightfully regard gravity-related construction site injuries to be among the most hazardous. With objects as large and heavy as those commonly hovering over the heads of construction workers, there is no margin for error.

One small signal error or oversight on the part of a supervisor or site safety manager will mean serious injury or almost certain death for the workers below.

Crucial Representation For Your Recovery

Our attorneys have successfully handled many cases of this kind. We have more than 40 years of combined experience helping injured New York City workers and their families, including undocumented workers. We will effectively pursue full money awards for injuries suffered in cases that involve:

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