Did Your Safety Gear Fail?

Although safety equipment and gear is essential to construction work, many construction company owners and supervisors fail to provide the needed protection to their workers. This can result in serious injuries that could and should be avoided. There are also times when the equipment or the gear itself is faulty.

If you have been in a construction site injury in which the safety gear was an important factor, you do not have to seek compensation alone. The New York attorneys at the law firm of Keogh Crispi have more than 40 years of experience helping workers obtain the money they need and the justice they deserve.

Third-Party Liability

Many serious injuries that construction workers endure are a result of the workers not being equipped with the proper safety gear, a result of construction site supervisor negligence. In other cases, the injuries are a result of safety gear that is inadequate. Although workers' compensation is the first avenue for recovery when it comes to work-related injuries, we can oftentimes institute a separate product liability claim against the company that manufactured the safety equipment or gear. In many instances the owner and construction manager of the work site can also be held responsible in a separate claim.

These claims frequently arise in the contexts of:

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